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aggresive expansion。
stand an receive your judgment
[ behemoth ] → christians to the lions
l o c k e d

comment to be added.

I won't add you back if you don't comment (unless we already know each other). I don't like random adds just because, so tell me a little about yourself or why you want to be friends with me and I will most likely add you back.

(Deleted comment)
04.13.10 (UTC)
Sure :)
04.14.10 (UTC)
hi! i noticed you had a mars votla icon, and you're friends with maylene as well.
that pretty much makes you awesome in my book! add? ♥
04.14.10 (UTC)
Omg icon love :)
04.14.10 (UTC)
Yay TMV! &hearts
05.04.10 (UTC)
i love this layout, and your icons. nomnomnom!
05.04.10 (UTC)
Thank you! I love your username.
Want to be added? :)
05.04.10 (UTC)
of course, i want to lurk your icon/layout savy life.
05.04.10 (UTC)
haha added :)
06.15.10 (UTC)
I like you, and I like Dave, and I like your Dave post and I am going to add you now k :)
06.15.10 (UTC)
Thank you :D
Added back!
(Deleted comment)

(Deleted comment)
07.10.10 (UTC)
Hi, Kesia. I'm NJ :D
Thanks for the add, I'm adding you back right away!
09.11.10 (UTC)
hey there! i am Alex, let's be friends?)
(Deleted comment)
01.29.11 (UTC)
I'd love to add you again. Sorry it took me so long to answer!
03.03.11 (UTC)
Your comments intrigue me. May I add you?
07.21.12 (UTC)
I'm trying to add you for your icons. I saw you had made some Slipknot ones at your old journal and I'm afraid some Slipknot icons... particularly of Sid, Chris and Corey... separate. Please add me back.
07.23.12 (UTC)
07.23.12 (UTC)
Where oh where do I find your Slipknot icons?! *dies*
09.17.12 (UTC)
I was wondering if you wanted to be friends. You're pretty flawless imo. <3
09.17.12 (UTC)
Omg sure bb, you're pretty flawless too <333

I don't ever update tho lol
09.17.12 (UTC)
omgg ty <333

lol I don't either, but I want to add you anyway.

Edited at 2012-09-17 10:53 pm (UTC)
12.28.12 (UTC)
I like you on ONTD. Can I add you?
12.29.12 (UTC)
<3333 sure
06.04.13 (UTC)
i like to be friend with you,i love to add you
07.01.13 (UTC)
Hi! My name is Jenee', most of my friends list is pretty much inactive. Care to be friends?
07.03.13 (UTC)
I love your comments on ontd and you have the best icons :D

We both watch the following communities: celebs20in20, character20n20, comicbook_icons, estiloamor, free20in20, guys20in20, icon_textures, lj_spotlight, musicians20in20, ohnotheydidnt, ontdcreepy, soaked, thatparty, velvetb0x.

I love creating icons and reading ontd :D

A bit about me: Daphne. forever 21.Lives in the middle of nowhere. I live somewhere in the world. Studied Biomedical Engineering and currently studying Psychology. Aiming to become a neuroscientist. Student. Half-fangirl+icon maker. Extravert. Friendly. Ravenpuff. Love Harry Potter, Star Trek, Dr. Who and more.

I would love if you add me :D
08.08.13 (UTC)
:D added, nice to meet you, sorry it took me forever to add you, I almost never check this
11.30.13 (UTC)
LOL I know the feeling :)

BTW how are you?
08.05.13 (UTC) - ONTD
Reading you on ONTD and you're fun. :>
08.08.13 (UTC) - Re: ONTD
Thank you so much, added you my fellow henry stan <3
08.08.13 (UTC) - Re: ONTD
The stannitude is strong in us. <3

ONTD is refusing me membership for now, but I'll make it, someday. [fiercely looking into the sunset]
08.08.13 (UTC) - Re: ONTD
they just had open membership! you missed it big time haha

sorry I didn't answer before, I almost never look at this journal oop
08.08.13 (UTC) - Re: ONTD
Argh, don't tell me.
06.01.14 (UTC)
hello my friend
10.30.15 (UTC) - Hi
I guess this is my first comment ever. I'm new to LJ and have no friends at all yet. I'm Eve btw.
I'm argentinian an none of my friends have an account here (except for one that hasn't accepted me yet --'). I'm still trying to find decent communities or users to add so I'm open to suggestions.
Well, if anyone want to add me and/or talk pls do it, I'm new and I love meeting new people!
Have a nice day :)
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